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Bonjour Québec

Québec is a traveller’s dream

Welcome to Québec City, America's Accent

Rendez-vous Canada 2023 is a major event that allows you to develop new business relationships in the tourism industry. It also provides an opportunity to enjoy the remarkable beauty and historical heritage of Quebec City, its distinctive European character and its festive and welcoming atmosphere.

One can hardly resist the city’s many charms, including the Old Quebec area, the birthplace of French America where rich history meets unique gastronomy.

Whatever the season, you will find in the Quebec City region an abundance of activities and attractions that reflect a dynamic and authentic cultural diversity. Anywhere you go, people will greet you with a smile. The locals are proud of their French culture and heritage in America, and they will gladly share their passion in either French or English at any tourist spot.

It’s no surprise, then, that with such effervescence and joie de vivre, Quebec City ranks among the best tourist destinations on the planet. The hardest part will be to decide what you want to do!

Make sure to include some of the following must-see places to your itinerary when you visit the region.

World-Class Heritage and History

Everywhere you go in Quebec City, you witness history, whether in its streets, monuments or buildings. Its centuries-old European character is on display in many historical museums and attractions – especially in the Old Quebec area.

Quebec City is a unique region in North America, where people are proud of their European and Indigenous heritage. Here you will meet Huron-Wendats, an Indigenous group that bore witness to the events that shaped the country.

Many of the city’s historical buildings, artefacts and remnants date back to the origins of Nouvelle-France and its eventual fall to the hands of the English regime after several important battles.

Discover more than 400 years of history at the heart of the birthplace of French America.

Charm and Beauty

One of the more striking aspects of Quebec City is the presence of the St. Lawrence River and the many beautiful views it provides – a natural beauty that magnificently frames the surrounding scenery.

Another of the city’s distinctive advantage: its proximity to nature. A mere 20-minute drive from Old Quebec will take you to a region of spectacular natural beauty. There, you will enjoy a wide variety of activities aimed at both thrill seekers and those who seek a more peaceful experience.

Explore nature in all its splendour.

Unique Gastronomy

Thanks to its passionate chefs, both renowned and emerging, Quebec City’s culinary scene is as vibrant as it is innovative. These food artists reinvent classic dishes while developing new, tasty trends that showcase the rich, local products and flavours. You will find many terrific eating spots throughout the city, places where culinary craftsmanship is sure to give you a memorable taste of the local gastronomy. The region is renowned for its French, British, North American and Indigenous-inspired dishes, served by a friendly, welcoming staff. Like we say in our corner of the world, tirez-vous une bûche (take a seat) and join us for a memorable meal!

Enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience.

The Quebec Way of Life

Quebec City is host to many major events and exhibits throughout the year. An undeniable joie de vivre is part of the city’s very fabric, a cheerfulness you are likely to witness wherever you go. Allow this positive vibe to influence you and guide you during your stay, and take the time to discover a culture that is known the world over for its unique character and bold initiatives.

Take part in activities and events that enthrall the locals.