Tourism Industry Association of Canada

Founded in 1930 to encourage the development of tourism in Canada, TIAC serves today as the national private-sector advocate for this $102 billion sector. Based in Ottawa, TIAC takes action on behalf of Canadian tourism businesses and promotes positive measures that help the industry grow and prosper.

Why Join TIAC?

Through a collective and unified approach between TIAC and its members, TIAC promotes the value of tourism with federal officials and political influencers, and advocates for policy changes and improvements to help the sector grow.

TIAC’s key advocacy efforts focus on MAP: Marketing – Funding to support tourism; Access – Barriers to Entry & Cost Competitiveness; and, Product/People – Product development & Labour.

TIAC delivers a range of member benefits including advocacy leadership and support: research and intelligence: learning opportunities: networking: savings and sponsorship opportunities.

With more than 600 members representing all sectors from coast to coast to coast, as well as partnerships that extend to thousands more, TIAC’s membership is as diverse as our country itself.

Main sellers at Rendez-vous Canada are members of TIAC carrying an extra financial responsibility on behalf of their industry colleagues. By becoming a TIAC Member, you are not just benefiting from special savings – you enjoy the opportunity to play a bigger role in developing Canada’s export market.

TIAC's Successes

  • TIAC’s most significant accomplishment has been in provoking and fostering political interest in tourism matters where there was previously none
  • Secured permanent base funding for Destination Canada funding to $95.5 million per year
  • $8.6 million dedicated to Aboriginal Tourism development through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
  • $13.6 million dedicated to Statistics Canada’s collection of tourism statistics, including provincial data collection
  • Significant investments to maintain Parks Canada land and the Trans Canada Trail
  • Successful Trade Mission to China in October 2016 throughout government funding to offset costs for SMEs
  • Promoted and achieved the expansion of the number of Visa Application Centres (VACs) to 135 worldwide
  • Mexican visa requirements lifted completely, and Brazilian, Romanian and Bulgarian visas lifted for eligible travelers
  • TAC’s recommendations to reduce aviation costs in the Canada Transportation Act included in expert panels final report
  • Introduction of new ten-year multiple entry visa, facilitating repeat visitors to Canada in select markets