RVC 2024: Embracing Sustainability

Discover how Rendez-vous Canada is prioritizing Sustainability in 2024

Environmental, economic and socio-cultural sustainability have fittingly become important considerations in event planning, especially in the tourism sector as we strive towards a sector that is not only sustainable but additive and regenerative in nature.

At Rendez-vous Canada 2024, our priorities are no different. Our goal is to exemplify sustainability best practices across the event, reflecting our commitment to the three levels of sustainability in all areas of the program while also increasing attendee awareness.

With this in mind, and for the first time, RVC has created a sustainability commitment to promote and support environmental, economic and community stewardship amongst event hosts and attendees. These guidelines were developed in alignment with The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which take a holistic approach to sustainability, considering the environmental, social, and cultural impacts of development.

We’ll strive towards our vision to make RVC 2024 an environmentally, economically and socially conscious event by working with responsible partners and actively integrating sustainable processes and practices into the event planning and execution, wherever possible. In addition, RVC 2024 is taking steps to measure and understand the event’s environmental and community benefit impacts and will be tracking the event’s carbon footprint for the first time this year.

Tourism plays a key role in economic diversification. The sector is a primary employer of young people, drives rural development, supports small businesses and entrepreneurs, and provides avenues for Indigenous Peoples to share their stories and cultures with the world. Sustainable tourism can help foster an appreciation and sense of personal ownership for our wide, open spaces to ensure they remain for generations to come.

Sustainable tourism has the power to change lives, open doors, and transform communities. Together, we can continue to deliver the incredible experiences travellers expect when they attend RVC, while contributing to a sustainable future in which we all prosper.

Please read our full Sustainability Pledge for more information on the steps we’re taking in planning this year’s event.