Rules of Engagement

Participating in Rendez-vous Canada is your opportunity to expand your knowledge, make new connections and profit from the innovative, data-driven marketing programs offered by Destination Canada. By following our rules of engagement:

  • Every organization is treated fairly and no one is disadvantaged through non-compliance of the rules by others;
  • Only those who have registered and paid to participate in Rendez-vous Canada are permitted to conduct business at at the event or at official functions; and
  • Participation of unauthorized persons at official Rendez-vous Canada functions is not permitted.

There is zero tolerance for infractions. Playing by the rules increases your odds of a return invitation to attend future Rendez-vous Canada events.

General Information

Rules of engagement are developed in consultation with the Rendez-vous Canada Advisory Comittee, with input from industry stakeholders from the private and public sectors. All changes are approved by Destination Canada and the Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

Primary Contacts

Primary Contacts act as the liaison between your organization and Rendez-vous Canada. They are responsible for the registration of delegates from their organization, payment of all fees, and the timely submission of appointment requests.

It is the responsibility of the Primary Contact to ensure that all registered delegates from their organization receive, read and understand all Rendez-vous Canada rules of engagement and code of conduct. It is also their responsibility to inform Rendez-vous Canada in writing of any change in the registration status of themselves, their delegates or organization.

The name of the Primary Contact is requested during the registration process, and can be changed at any time.

Official Activities

Hospitality or any other activity, including off-premise displays, are not permitted during the official Rendez-vous Canada schedule of events. Organizations violating this rule may face fines equivalent to the damages to the host and may be suspended from future events.

Hospitality activities may be held before and after the officially scheduled events and the Rendez-vous Canada Office is happy to work with you to identify opportunities to maximize marketing opportunities during the official programme.

Booth Allocation and New Product Priority

Rendez-vous Canada is responsible for establishing the provincial, territorial and national groupings in the marketplace in consultation with the provinces and territories.

Booth space for Sellers and DMOs will be allocated based on:

  • Space availability on the marketplace floor
  • Analysis of pre-Rendez-vous Canada buyer appointment requests
  • Results of Rendez-vous Canada Buyer Survey
  • Review of total representation of brand affiliated products registered individually in Provincial/Territorial sections and in National section
  • Date which completed registration was received

Note: New product may be given priority if there is a Destination Canada, provincial, or territorial agreement that potentially exists for the product/destination in question.

New product falls in one of the following categories:

  • A new business that meets the Export Ready Criteria
  • Existing business – A new tour, service or structural addition that will generate demand for Canada

What is NOT considered a new product:

  • Improvements/renovations – i.e. hotel upgrades, addition of rooms.
  • Name change/new ownership.

Insurance and Liability

Sellers who desire insurance on their exhibits must place the same at their own expense. Sellers shall furnish their own public liability insurance. Rendez-vous Canada will not be liable for any loss or damage to the property of the Seller. or its employees, due to fire robbery, accidents, or any cause whatsoever that may arise from use and occupancy of the leased space or building. The Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Rendez-vous Canada against any and all claims of any person whomsoever arising out of acts or omissions of Sellers or their employees.

Security of Exhibits

Rendez-vous Canada will provide necessary security for the Marketplace during the hours the event is closed. Rendez-vous Canada is not responsible for any loss or damage of any materials on Rendez-vous Canada premises.

News Media Coverage

Hosting 1,600+ global travel professionals makes Rendez-vous Canada a headline event.

  • Local/regional media who wish to cover Rendez-vous Canada will be accredited onsite at the Media Centre during the event.
  • Media are responsible for their individual shipping/courier arrangement for all materials.
  • No media publications may be distributed at sponsored functions or on Rendez-vous Canada premises. Pre-approved publications can be made available at the Media Centre following the event.
  • Interviews are to be conducted in the private space provided at the Media Centre. Under no circumstance may an appointment
    between a Buyer and a Seller be interrupted.
  • Media Centre staff will escort local/regional media representatives at all times while on the Marketplace floor.

Solicitation and Sale of Advertising Space

Media representatives, Buyers, Sellers and DMOs are not permitted to solicit or sell advertising space or time on Rendez-vous Canada premises or at Rendez-vous Canada sponsored activities. Advertising solicitors will be evicted from the Rendez-vous Canada event and accreditation will be revoked.