One of the advantages of holding a virtual Rendez-vous Canada+ is that we are not limited by space and capacity constraints within a traditional conference centre. The event remains focused on ensuring high quality attendees and appointments and we are excited that this virtual platform has provided us the flexibility to extend the experience to some new groups of attendees.

On our list of new participant groups at RVC+ 2021 are the following:

Destination Management Companies: Known as DMCs, these agencies develop itineraries and run the on-the-ground logistics for corporate meetings and high value incentive trips. These organizations are the Receptive Tour Operators of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events world. Incentive programs in particular are high yield programs and DMCs serve clients within thriving sectors such as Life Sciences, Finance/Insurance and Technology, all which have been resilient through the pandemic. These industries are ready to travel, meet and hold in-person events again, once restrictions are lifted. 

To prepare for this time, a small select group of Canadian DMC representatives will be attending RVC+ as Buyers. They will look to strengthen their contacts, discover new products and be inspired for new and exciting itineraries. The DMCs are attending the full RVC program and have made pre-scheduled appointment requests.

Canadian Travel Advisors: It will take some time for international travel to return to Canada. In the short term, Domestic travel is key to the survival of Canada’s visitor economy. There are currently thousands of Travel Advisors across Canada, many who have pivoted from selling international travel packages, to selling Canadian options. To take advantage of this opportunity and to support our Sellers in the immediate future, the RVC+ invitation has been extended to a select group of Canadian Travel Advisors who have participated in the Canadian Specialist Program and/or are members of the Virtuoso consortia. Similar to the DMCs, the aim is for Travel Advisors to discover new products and enhance their knowledge of the Canadian tourism landscape.   

These Travel Advisors have been invited to attend RVC+ on Thursday, May 20th only and will not have the ability to make pre-scheduled appointments. Instead, they will explore the RVC+ marketplace, visit Canadian partner virtual booths, engage through the public and private chat functions and learn as much as they can. Much like media attendees, all Travel Advisors will be indicated as such in their profiles.

The goal in inviting these new attendees to the show is to bring added value to your experience at RVC+ and to drive further success in the months to come. The RVC+ virtual platform provides us the opportunity to test new ideas, invite new delegate groups and engage with global partners in a different way. We will be including questions about these new groups of attendees within the post-event survey so that we can gauge from your experience, and theirs, how we can further evolve Rendez-vous Canada in the future.



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