This year’s Rendez-vous Canada+ is fast-approaching! Buyers are excited to reconnect with Sellers and learn what they need to share with their clients who are interested in booking a trip to Canada. What Buyers are looking for is a key question all Sellers have been asking, and will be addressed in Destination Canada’s Inside Track and Market updates.

A quick preview is that Buyers are seeking updates on what’s available and what has changed as a result of the past year. We all know it’s not business as usual, so providing Buyers with insight on what to expect will be crucial to kick-starting Canada’s tourism recovery. Questions Buyers may look to answer include:

  • What is open and available for guests to experience?
  • What changes have been implemented to itineraries and activities? 
  • What health and hygiene precautions are in place?
  • Have any terms and conditions changed? With everything that happened last year, Buyers are looking for flexibility in booking and in cancellation terms.

Stumped on what resources to have on-hand in your booth? The following resources are a good start:

  • Health and hygiene protocols implemented 
  • What’s new since last year
  • Any special materials that may be required for Travel Advisors. Remember that they will be in attendance on Thursday, May 20 only

Want a more in depth perspective on what Buyers are looking for? An overview of the international markets will be a part of Destination Canada’s Inside Track on May 17th. Complete  overviews and updates for each individual market will be available at the Explore Canada Showcase – don’t miss it!



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