We are excited to kick off RVC+ next week and while we wish we could be seeing one another in person, this new virtual format makes sure Canada stays top-of-mind within our key international markets, and reinforces that when restrictions ease, Canada remains a world-class travel destination.  

Over the history of 45 years, Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) has developed a reputation as Canada’s premier marketplace for the tourism industry. By adapting the format this year, it has allowed us the freedom to explore new opportunities and new ways of engagement in these challenging times. It has also provided a unique opportunity to reflect on the future of RVC and the format future events should take on. 

This event is more crucial than ever before, providing necessary connections to international buyers that will support the recovery and resilience of the tourism sector in the months and years ahead. In reimagining the future of RVC, we would like to ensure we are still aligning to our original purpose: to showcase the best of Canada from coast to coast to coast. However, it is necessary that the event remains accessible. The impact COVID-19 continues to be far-reaching and recovery is going to be hard. 

As the buyers and sellers of this magnificent country, we would like to make RVC an event that serves your needs and best interests; to achieve this we need your feedback. We will be sharing a post-event survey and would greatly appreciate your ideas and opinions. Please go through RVC+ keeping this request for feedback in mind—we would like to hear from you about what worked and didn’t work within the virtual format, as well as the strengths and weakness of the in-person RVC format (pre-COVID), and any other great ideas you may have.

No matter what is decided in terms of format, the foundation of this event will remain the same—RVC will continue to be Canada’s signature international tourism marketplace. Please stay tuned for a survey that will be sent on May 21st for your feedback.



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