RVC+ is less than one month away! Make the most of your experience by adding appointments to your schedule.

Before getting started

To request an appointment with another delegate, you must be registered as an appointment-taking delegate. If you’re not sure of your status, please contact us!

Access your schedule

First, access your schedule by navigating to the MyRVC portal and selecting “Appointment Schedule”. You’ll see your appointments and all RVC+ events listed on your schedule in your local time zone. Here, you can also cancel appointments or block and unblock appointment slots as needed.

Request a new appointment

To request a new appointment, select an open appointment slot and click “Request Appointment”. A “New Appointment” pop-up will appear, enabling you to search by company name, delegate name or registration type. 

If you’d like to see a list of all available delegates for the appointment time, select your desired attendee type under “Registration Type” and click “Search”.

PRO TIP: Click “Select Open” to highlight all open appointment slots on your schedule.

To request an appointment with an available delegate, click the delegate name or use “Select All” to choose all available delegates. Click “Add Delegate(s)” and close the pop-up to finalize your request.

Respond to requests

When you receive an appointment request from another delegate, you’ll see a notification in the “Requests to Me” tab in your schedule. When you click on the tab, you’ll be able to review requests and respond to them.

You can also message other delegates directly through the appointment scheduling system.

  • To message delegates that you have scheduled a meeting with—click on the appointment on your schedule and select “Send Message”.
  • To message all other delegates—click on “Inbox Messages”, and select “Compose”.

Got questions?

Please refer to our Appointment Guide for more information or contact us at



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