The leaders of travel come together at Rendez-vous Canada to learn from and partner with Canadian tourism professionals to reshape their businesses and profit from the global demand for Canada. The marketplace is organized by national, provincial and territorial groupings where Buyers come to visit the Sellers in their booths for pre-scheduled appointments.

TIAC members receive early access to appointment requests on March 4 through the TIAC Member Advantage Program. Buyers and all other Sellers can begin making appointment requests on March 18.

Key Dates

  • TIAC Member – Appointment Requests Open

    March 4 2024
  • Buyer and Non-Member – Appointment Requests Open

    March 18 2024
  • Appointment Requests Deadline

    April 5 2024
  • Appointments Posted

    April 15 2024
  • Manual Appointment Requests Begin

    April 15 2024

    Download these guides to help manage your appointments

    Mutual Appointment Request Guide

    This guide explains how to make appointment requests for Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) 2024 as a Buyer or a Seller.

    Read guide

    Manual Appointment Request Guide

    This guide explains how to make manual appointment requests for Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) 2024 as a Buyer or a Seller once the appointment schedules are posted (April 15).

    Read guide

    Important to Know

    • Appointments last 12 minutes, with a 3-minute break in between. A bell/announcement signals the start and end of each appointment.
    • There are 78 slots available; 26 appointments per day.
    • Each appointment-taking delegate (Buyer or Seller) can have up to 78 pre-scheduled appointments.
    • Delegates can cancel scheduled breaks and book up to 78 appointments if they so choose.
    • Sellers have the option of blocking appointment slots for additional breaks or ad-hoc meetings.
    • Buyers may request back-to-back appointments with the same Seller if the Buyer estimates they will require more than 12 minutes to conclude their discussion with that Seller.
    • Typically, over 95% of perfect matches are successfully booked.

    Appointment Matching

    Buyers and Sellers submit requests indicating who they would like to meet with, and assign a priority to each request. Appointment requests received via the online system by the deadline for submission (April 5, 2024, 11:59 PM EST) are processed by computer-generated match-making according to the following priorities:

    1. Buyers and TIAC Members who mutually seek appointments create a “perfect match”.
    2. Buyers and other Sellers who mutually seek appointments create a “perfect match”.
    3. Appointments requested by Buyers.
    4. Appointments requested by Sellers

    Manual Appointment Requests

    On April 15, 2024, the match-making process is completed and manual appointments will open for Delegates to fill any remaining open slots.

    Delegates can add, modify or cancel appointments through their MyRVC Portal or the Rendez-vous Canada mobile app. To maximize the time for all Buyers and Sellers, delegates who are unable to keep a scheduled appointment for any reason are requested to cancel as far in advance as possible to allow time to rebook appointments.