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Buyers are invited to learn more about Canada by participating in one of the Rendez-vous Canada FAM tours.

Registration for FAM Tours is now closed. Tours will be confirmed April 7, 2023. Please stay tuned for updates.


Tour 1 - May 26 to May 29

  • Tour 1 - May 26 to May 29
  • Tour 2 - May 27 to May 29

Tour 1 - May 26 to May 29

Awaken your senses in Southern Québec
Eastern Township, Montérégie and Centre-du-Québec

In southern Québec, three regions—Montérégie, Eastern Townships and Centre-du-Québec—await you, each with a rich palette of experiences. This is a place where unique flavours and sites bursting with colour come together, a destination that’s all about discovering life with the locals and getting a taste of the products of the land. In this region stretching from the south shore of the St. Lawrence River to the U.S. border, there are pastoral scenes around every corner. The destination is easily accessible from the major urban centres of Montréal and Québec City.

Tour 2 - May 27 to May 29

Hidden treasures of the St. Lawrence and Appalachians
Chaudière-Appalaches and Bas-Saint-Laurent (Québec maritime)

The Chaudière-Appalaches and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions share a rich maritime history as well as a territory and landscapes shaped by the St. Lawrence and the Appalachian Mountains. During this journey, you will be charmed by picturesque stops along the Navigators’ Route as well as by the beauty of the coastline and the invigorating sea air. This itinerary will also give you the opportunity to get off the beaten track, savour the best local products and discover a multitude of new and memorable experiences.


Tour 3 - June 3 to June 6

  • Tour 3 - June 3 to June 6
  • Tour 4 - June 3 to June 6
  • Tour 5 - June 3 to June 6
  • Tour 6 - June 3 to June 6
  • Tour 7 - June 3 to June 6
  • Tour 8 - June 3 to June 6
  • Tour 9 - June 3 to June 7
  • Tour 10 - June 3 to June 8

Tour 3 - June 3 to June 6

Experience Québec culture and local flavours in VIP style
Outaouais, Laurentians and Montréal

Enjoy a VIP experience on the road from the Outaouais to Montréal. You will make animal friends at Parc Omega, take an electrifying helicopter tour, pass through the Laurentians, relax and rejuvenate at Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, explore Montréal’s cultural offerings and be dazzled by the light show at Notre-Dame Basilica. Discover our regions, their cultures, their rich histories and savour local flavours, courtesy of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and other partners.

Tour 4 - June 3 to June 6

Montréal and its 5 founding nations, past and present

Experience the culture and flavours of yesterday and today. They say that to understand the present, you need to understand the past. This trip brings to life the Indigenous, Irish, Scottish, English and French roots symbolized on Montréal’s flag. Get to know our five founding nations and connect with 380 years of Montréal history to discover the rich mix that makes up the city’s DNA.

Tour 5 - June 3 to June 6

An exceptional tour of Authentic Québec
Lanaudière and Mauricie

Known as “Authentic Québec,” the Lanaudière-Mauricie region is a land of vast open spaces famed for its inviting forest inns, beautiful landscapes and welcoming people. Once a cradle of industry, this strategically located region between Montréal and Québec City is a must stop for nature lovers visiting Québec. In addition to a host of seasonal activities such as bear watching, hiking, canoeing and kayaking in summer, and dogsledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing in winter, you will discover a fertile land with friendly inhabitants.

Tour 6 - June 3 to June 6

A Cultural and Culinary Adventure

With wide-open spaces, unforgettable landscapes and recreational activities for all tastes, the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region is an outdoor paradise. Its boreal climate nourishes savoury local products that attract epicureans in search of new flavours. And the region’s historic sites and buildings tell the story of a vibrant past, while its Artisans at Work facilities showcase the ingenuity of the inhabitants. Affectionately nicknamed “bleuets” (blueberries), these unique, strong-willed people can trace their history back to the time of contact between Indigenous peoples and early French settlement in this region.

Tour 7 - June 3 to June 6

Charlevoix: a magnetic attraction

The region’s powerful, magnetic attraction dates back 400 million years, when an epic meteorite impact sculpted one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in Quebec. It also left in its wake a special magnetism and energy that draw visitors to stop, breathe and reawaken their senses. Reconnect with an ancient power.

The sounds of summer are calling. Let yourself be swept away by breathtaking landscapes, explore the region’s marvellous attractions or just sit back, relax and take in the picture-perfect setting.

Tour 8 - June 3 to June 6

Québec City: responsible tourism at its finest
Québec City

Québec City is a wondrous destination on a truly human scale. Like its slogan, l’accent d’Amérique, the city embraces its French-speaking North American heritage and its signature warm, vibrant culture. This UNESCO world heritage site charms visitors with its sweeping landscapes, unique neighbourhoods, striking architecture and rich history.

As a responsible tourism destination, the Québec City region is equally well-appointed. Visitors and residents alike support the local businesses working year-round to provide outstanding services. And these treasured assets don’t just define who we are today; they trace the path to preserving our precious legacy for generations to come.

Tour 9 - June 3 to June 7

Nature beckons!
Laurentians and Outaouais

A visit of the Outaouais region and the Laurentian mountains promises an invigorating outdoor experience. Breathe in the fresh forest air, taste the local flavours and discover the region’s fascinating history.

Tour 10 - June 3 to June 8

The whale route
Côte-Nord (Québec by the Sea)

Pleasantly off the beaten track, the Côte-Nord promises friendly adventures and an unforgettable experience of Innu culture. The region stretches 1,250 kilometres along the estuary and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The iconic Whale Route, from Tadoussac to Havre-Saint-Pierre, sweeps you into awe-inspiring landscapes where everything, from the wide open spaces to the majestic river to the forests to the heartfelt welcome from locals, is larger than life. With hiking and ocean excursion opportunities galore, prepare to explore dozens of islands and their ecosystems, and rejoice at sightings of the 13 whale species.

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